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The Rock n Roll Wrestling Bash

This outstanding rock'n roll musical is a symbiosis of Mexican Wrestling, Trash and hard boiled Rock’n’Roll sound.

The centre part of this show is the band "Brujo" which, in cooperation with the  Trash Wrestling League „G.T.W.A.“ (Galactic Trash Wrestling Alliance) creates a show that you've never seen before.

While „Brujo“ are showing off their incredible musical power on stage, a wild bunch of Trash Wrestling characters, dressed in their wicked wrestling garb go berserk in the ring in front of the stage.

The special musical score in order to dramatize and optimize the amazing act of the wrestlers. And the „G.T.W.A.“ fights are far beyond the usual late-night-tv wrestling boredom!

The focus is on the music, but also on flamboyant storylines and an adrenaline fueled performance fitting exactly on the musical score. Neither a normal Rock'n Roll show nor a normal Wrestling show; We're dealing with a piece of musical theatre here!

"The Rock n Roll Wrestling Bash is not just a show, it is a way of life." Chris Jericho (former WWE/ AEW / Fozzy)

The man behind The Rock n Roll Wrestling Bash

carlos "howling mad" martinez

The man, the myth, the legend. Carlos Martinez is the mastermind of The Rock n Roll Wrestling Bash. Show concept, all characters, characteristics, set design, costume design, storylines and part of the musical score are written by Carlos "Howling Mad" Martinez.

he started The Rock n Roll Wrestling Bash in germany in 2003. The rest is history.

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