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Welcome to
Carlos Martinez‘
the rock n roll wrestling bash
the mother of all trash shows


"A well deserved braincation"

The unmatched blend of rock 'n' roll and wrestling is back and primed to conquer the stages! The legendary Rock n Roll Wrestling Bash is thrilled to announce the

"A Well Deserved Braincation" Tour 2024/25,

a breathtaking series of events that takes music, action, and entertainment to a whole new level.

Following a huge success with our 20th Anniversary Tour 2023/24, which attracted enthusiastic fans and celebrated our passion for rock music and wrestling, we are proud to continue and expand this success with the "A Well Deserved Braincation" Tour.

The tour will fuse the legendary stages of rock 'n' roll with the thrilling arenas of wrestling to create a unique experience that pushes the boundaries of traditional entertainment. From sweat-inducing matches to exhilarating live performances, the "A Well Deserved Braincation" Tour will capture the hearts of fans around the world.

"The Rock n Roll Wrestling Bash represents a unique blend of music, sport, and entertainment," says frontman and producer Carlos "Howling Mad" Martinez. "With the 'A Well Deserved Braincation' Tour, we aim to provide our audience with an unforgettable experience and to make them forget everything around them for a moment. As usual!"


Special Menus

bavarian web Kopie.jpg

Don't miss these smashers!! 

"Monster Trash"

halloween special  Hamburg

and exclusive for the Free&Easy Festival in Munich, 

"Zenzi, a Maß,

El Brujo und a quadratwatschn"

Tickets available at our online shop right here: Shop!!

poster hellowen.jpg


20th Anniversary "M.O.A.T.S."
Mother of All Trash Shows Silkscreen Print

Check this tasty piece of art made by Maxicat Serigraphie, France. This fine poster is a handcrafted silkscreen print. Very limited and only available on our shows!

Wrestling Bash image

We just launched The
Rock n Roll Wrestling Bash TV
on Youtube, and you are all welcome to spend your time on our channel.
the latest clips, news and more insights into the one and only Rock n Roll Wrestling Bash. We just got started so make sure to follow us and don't miss anything at all.
Click this!

purchase your tickets now as our exclusive presale starts on march 8th and is up for 7 days only!!
go to
and make sure to participate our next generation debut tour.
we have basic general admission tickets, vip tickets that contain meet & greet session plus a signed poster, or get a crew together of minimum 10 and maximum 20 persons and safe 5€ per ticket!

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